About Urban Operations


Architect and principal John Southern founded Urban Operations in 2005. The firm specializes in architectural design and construction, from custom hillside homes to refined metropolitan interiors, and engages in cultural investigations and critical commentary through its research division, urbanops.org.

Based in Los Angeles, Urban Operations has designed and built homes across the city, overseeing the process from site procurement though completion, and in some instances simultaneously acting as developer, architect, and builder.

Southern’s design perspective combines modern aesthetic sensibilities with over ten years of hands-on construction experience. He understands the challenges of producing cost-conscious and visually elegant architecture in the contemporary world.

The firm’s design approach balances minimalist interiors with expressionist building forms that are site-specific and highly functional.

Natural light and carefully curated material palettes produce flexible spaces for any lifestyle and interiors are sculpted in order to produce visual effects that delight, but do not overwhelm the senses.

Landscape and exterior environments play a central role in every design project, so that outside and inside blend together to form a singular spatial experience.

Our specialties include:

-Site analysis and project feasibility

-Modern design for all scales, programs, and budgets

-Attentive construction observation in order to ensure the success of our client’s projects

-Construction management

-Historical research and analysis

-Aesthetic branding and corporate identity

-Strategic urban planning

-Installation design

-Furniture design

For more information about Urban Operations contact us:

telephone: 323-644-1415

email: info@urban-ops.net

post: 2820 North Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031